a little about our farm...

The Frakers. Hmmm. Where do we start?

How about we start with how to say it? Fraker is pronounced "Fray-ker". So, welcome to "Fray-ker Acers" Y'all!

There are 4 of us: Jason, Allison, Christopher (27) and Faith (13). We live on 11 acres and are doing our best to use the land to it's greatest potential. We are learners, and farming by trial and error. We began this site as a way to share some of the things we are learning with those of you also beginning your own homestead/farm.

We are actively engaged in our church, World Outreach Church. We both discovered Jesus as adults and have done our best to honor Him with our lives since the beginning of our relationship with Him. Knowing Jesus has been the best thing about our lives and we will share a bit of our story with Him with you as you engage in our blog.

Jason works as a Project Manager at a communication company in Murfreesboro and Allison works full time for the church in the Small Groups department and also in the Technical Department (which shows that God has a sense of humor!). Having full time jobs and a farm requires diligence, sacrifice, and determination.

Our son Christopher has moved over to the "adult" section of life and is out on his own making a living. He served in the United States Army for four years and is now back in the states adjusting to life as a civilian. Faith, our daughter, is currently taking life as it comes with middle school. She is active in the Beta Club, plays guitar and percussion, and is on the youth worship team at WOC. Our granddaughter, Zoey, is 3 years old and currently lives in Germany. Our visits with her are brief but we cherish every minute!

Why did we begin a blog/website? 

We have a desire to savor the art of living off the land that is not being passed down to the next generation. Our hope is that we will take what we've learned from our Grandparents and share with some who would also like to save this almost lost tradition.

We have learned from our Pastor (Allen Jackson from World Outreach Church) that it only takes 3 generations of not sharing about Jesus for the stories of the Bible to be lost. That also applies to the traditions and arts that have been passed down to us––like canning, gardening, living off the land. We want to be intentional to do our part to pass along the spiritual truths we learn as well as the ability to garden, preserve, raise chickens, etc.

We hope you enjoy our site and gain something from your visit with us!

The Fraker's