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Baked Okra

Our okra has grown so fast this summer! I love fried okra... but if we had fried okra all the time, we would be "big as a barrel" as my grandmother used to say! So, we tried this simple recipe for baked okra and absolutely LOVED it.  Besides being yummy, okra is know for improving heart…
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Pickle Recipe

You can do this! Follow this simple pickle recipe and use up those extra cucumbers! We prefer sliced pickles to use on hamburgers but you can quarter them also if you prefer. Ingredients: 9 lbs of pickling cucumbers (about 50 that are 4 inches long) 8 cups of water 4 cups of vinegar 1 cup…
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Summer Salad

Summer Salad is one of our favorites around here. It's a great dish to add to any meal in the summer and super easy to make! We like to sit it out on the counter and make "drive-by bites" during the day. Today,  we are making it to take to our annual neighborhood Fox Hollow…
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Benefits of Canning & Preserving

We have listed 5 benefits of canning and preserving below. Preserving food began when it was a need. Today it is not necessary to can foods so you may ask, "why take the time"? Too Many Veggies - If you have a garden, you probably have experienced too much of one thing coming at once. Right now, our fridge…
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