Pa·tience… pāSHəns


The capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset.

I'm not really sure why this word is considered a noun because it requires SO much energy for us to embrace it!

I want to share a little encouragement with you today on the blog. Not chicken, turkey, or garden specific but... life specific. I've been studying a bit on the fruits of the spirit (love, job peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, and self-control), specifically patience. I read somewhere that the way out of a selfish mindset is by cultivating patience. Really? How can that be? Well because when you are selfish you put your "self" first;  when you practice patience, you typically put "others" first.

I was at home last Wednesday night by myself. I was searching on Amazon for a new pressure canner and found EXACTLY what I needed. (Emphasis on "needed"). You know, when you want something really bad, it can turn to a need really quickly! So I quickly put that bad boy in the shopping cart and errrrrk {insert sound of brakes engaged and tires screeching here}. I had a thought... you see, Jason and I have this deal, no purchases over $50 without a conversation so we don't throw our budget out of whack! Well, he wasn't home... and I....

So, being the rational person I am, I had this conversation in my head. It went something like this:
"He's not going to care anyway, I'll just get it.
"But you have this deal."
"Oh yes, I'll just wait. I am working on waiting anyway with this whole "patience" lesson.
"I could just text him and tell him what I'm thinking"
"Yea! That'll do!"
"What about the lesson you're working on?"
"Well shoot, I'll just wait!"

So, I waited. Jason came home and we talked about it and he said yes go get it. Yay for me!

The next day I got busy with work and never ordered the pressure cooker. I picked up our daughter from school and needed to run to Wal-Mart. We were looking for something for school, went down a sale isle, and low-and-behold... the canner... right there on SALE! Yep, the $80+ canner was on sale for $34. So, I stopped right there in the isle and shared the lesson I was learning on patience, gave kudos to God, grabbed that bad boy and off we went!

Now we're checking out at the register. I'm happy about the deal and the cashier rings up the canner and it's not on sale for $34... it's on sale for $17!! SEVENTEEN dollars, are you kidding me??

THAT'S THE GOD WE SERVE. When we are obedient to walk out the small things He's trying to teach us... He blesses our socks off!

Hope this brings motivation for the lesson you are trying to learn today!

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