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Pickle Recipe

You can do this! Follow this simple pickle recipe and use up those extra cucumbers! We prefer sliced pickles to use on hamburgers but you can quarter them also if you prefer. Ingredients: 9 lbs of pickling cucumbers (about 50 that are 4 inches long) 8 cups of water 4 cups of vinegar 1 cup…
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Benefits of Canning & Preserving

We have listed 5 benefits of canning and preserving below. Preserving food began when it was a need. Today it is not necessary to can foods so you may ask, "why take the time"? Too Many Veggies - If you have a garden, you probably have experienced too much of one thing coming at once. Right now, our fridge…
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Pa·tience… pāSHəns

Pa·tienceˈpāSHəns The capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset. I'm not really sure why this word is considered a noun because it requires SO much energy for us to embrace it! I want to share a little encouragement with you today on the blog. Not chicken, turkey, or…
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Water Bath Canning Class

Water-Bath Canning Class

Interested in learning to can your own fresh foods? Do you have a desire for fresh food with no additives and preservatives in your pantry? Well, we have a desire to save this age-old art of living! We would love to have you join our Water Bath Canning Class. You don't even need to have a garden to benefit––you can do this at home by visiting the local Farmer's Market and purchase fresh fruits and veggies.

This class will provide a hands on environment for learning the most popular canning method, the hot water bath. We will cover the equipment necessary, the process, water bath vs. the pressure cooker method, and safety. We will choose two items to can (probably tomatoes and a fruit) and using a hands on approach we will complete the process of hot water bath canning.

Each participant will receive two jars of a canned item and a Fraker Acres Canning Basics notebook with instructions and recipes. Class maximum is 4 people. All food, jars, supplies and instruction will be supplied with the class. We ask that each participant bring their own lunch the day of the class.

Dates: Each class is a 5 hour class. The dates below are stand alone options.

Saturday, June 18, 10am to 3pm
Saturday, July 9, 10am to 3pm
Sunday, July 17, 1pm to 5pm
Saturday, July 30 10am to 3pm
Saturday, August 20 10am to 3pm

($10 OFF Early Bird Registration if you register before July 10.)

Cost is $50 per participant. Early Bird rate is $40.

Register For Our Class:
Once we receive your registration, we will send you an email with everything you need for the class. We will send a request to pay a $25 non-refundable deposit via Pay Pal to reserve your spot.

We will fill the class on a first-come first-serve basis. The maximum is 4 people to allow for a hand-on experience for everyone.

Questions? Email us at or simply leave a comment below––we will do our best to answer quickly!

If interested in the Canning Using a Pressure Cooker class, dates will be announced soon! Please let us know you are interested in our Registration Form and we will notify you via email when the class is scheduled.