Dark Brahma Chickens

We have a new love!

The Brahma chicken or otherwise know as the “King of All Poultry”, is loved for its great size. In the picture above is a favorite girl of ours. While we haven't weighed her, we're sure she's pushing 10 pounds. Our daughter named her "Big Momma". It is reported that some birds have reached weights of 13-14 pounds for hens and 17 to 18.25 pounds for cocks.

Brahmas are beautiful birds with feathers down the shanks and onto the toes. They also have down feathers along their "bums" that is just so cute!

But, before you buy...

We found that the babies need a little more TLC than the other breeds of chicks. Because of the down feathers, they tend to get "pasty butt" a little easier. A little extra attention is required in keeping them clean without the mama hen around to do the dirty work. The feathers on their feet are another are of TLC for these girls--they need to be watched a bit closer in the winter months to be sure they don't get frostbite from the feathers getting wet and staying cold after the temps drop.

In addition, keep in mind how warm those down feathers were on your comforter this winter! These girls are warm too, and will require ventilation and a little help if you live in the South.

But the extra love is worth it! They are such a joy, fun to watch, and great egg layers. The down feathers help them to be consistent to lay during the winter months because they aren't cold like our other girls.

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