Indian Runner Ducks

Meet the "Duck-a-Tonix": Scott, Mitch, Avi, Kirsten, and Kevin!

Named after Pentatonix, a musical group our daughter loves, meet the latest addition to the farm: Indian Runners. A friend talked us into buying these awesome ducks that walk up-right like a penguin! They are known for being a great help by eating bugs and we are looking forward to their help in the garden.

A little about the breed:

Other than standing erect and "running" instead of waddling, they are similar to other ducks. We have read that the Indian Runners are great egg layers (about 200 a year each) but not so good at raising babies. Males are called drakes and the females are hens. Only the females quack; the drakes have a light whisper. They don't really fly and are happy to graze around eating bugs, slugs, and some flies.

We are excited to have some help with bugs in the garden and will keep you posted on any available duck eggs for sale in the future!

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