Better grab yer' gloves...

  • Baked Okra

    Our okra has grown so fast this summer! I love fried okra... but if we had fried okra all the time, we would be "big…

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  • Pickle Recipe

    You can do this! Follow this simple pickle recipe and use up those extra cucumbers! We prefer sliced pickles to use on hamburgers but you…

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  • Summer Salad

    Summer Salad is one of our favorites around here. It's a great dish to add to any meal in the summer and super easy to…

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a little about Fraker Acres...

The Frakers

We are excited to have you visit Fraker Acres. Come have coffee with us on the porch, our favorite place to sit!

Fraker Acres is more like a family of four-- Jason, Allison, Christopher (26) and Faith (13). We live on 11 acres in Middle Tennessee and are doing our best to use the land to it's greatest potential. We are learners, farming by trial-and-error, and loving every minute of it... well almost every!


Check back with us here on what is next at the farm. Coming up this summer:

Photography Classes
Canning & Preserving Classes
Get Off Auto Photography Class

Our Photos

Allison's nickname is mama-razzi and she earns the title. She loves to take pictures and video! Check out our photo gallery and come back again because we will have new photos soon at this rate!

But to her credit, with so many great things to capture, how can a person resist!

Connect With Us!

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Come again!